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MetaMisfits have always tried to take a step towards providing right knowledge,influencing its users and uplighting the youths and society as a whole. Keeping the same thing in mind,MetaMisfits invited some of the most famous influencers to make an impact. Humans are pretty petty influential beings. We like to assume that imitating a style of our beloved icon can make us just as cool, as rich, as successful and just as beautiful as them. No matter how much we’d like to trash it, at our deepest cores, our choices in life are always influenced. And so while we were hung up on celebrity endorsements a decade ago, we now have miniature versions of these celebrities in bloggers and social media influencers. MetaMisfits on it’s event AxieUtsav has cordially invited some of them and given below is the list.

Miss Dutta- Anusmita Dutta.

Digital Creator

112K IG / +30K FB

Yournonsanee- Shamik Adhikari.

Vedio creator


Candidcally- Iti chatterjee and Bidyut.

Comedy vedio creator

511k followers on Facebook

Laughtersane- Niranjan Mondol

Digital creator

43K IG /FB +300K/ 73.8K subs

Gener= Comedy

Harry Bol- Tapojit Mitra.

Comedy vedio creator.

YT 2.96k subscribers.

Angry Didi- Urna Banerjee.

Talented Content creator from West Bengal with near 3 Lakh FB page Likes and 37.4k IG followers.

Sandy Saha

Trans empowering and HomoPhobia activist.

IG 310k/1.5M followers

Anupam Das

Digital creator


FB 129K

Jhilam Gupta

Creative writer

Vedio creator

Nashif Akhtar

Standup comedian

+21k YouTube subs, 14k ig

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