MetaMisfits X Polygon Studios is hosting a workshop on the occasion of it’s event AxieUtsav


Metamisfits is hosting a workshop on the occasion of it’s event AxieUtsav. From the beginning itself, every endeavor that MetaMisfits undertakes is backed with the vision of productively contributing to society with an aim that every Company also shares as a part of its Corporate social responsibility. This workshop is being conducted for a very productive purpose which will help you alot to polish your skills in the world of metaverse. Polygon Studios is going to take the workshop session and certificates will be provided to the attendees. We all know what is going to rule the digital world in future. I swear,this workshop is worth attending. There will be various important topics like-

1.What is Non-Fungible Token(NFT) and blockchain.

2.Roadmap to be a Blockchain Developer. 

3.How and why to mint NFTs Smart contracts.

4. What is Web3 and Play2Earn(P2E).

5. Metaverse.

6. The benefits of blockchain and nfts in the upcoming future and many more.

NFTs are being sold for millions. Yes,you heard that right ,millions of dollars but its not possible without smart contracts and integration of blockchain. Recently,Beeple was sold for 69 millions. There is so much to learn about NFT. NFTs are really beneficial for the artist in the present world where things get copied easily. NFT gives you ownership of your content/work. We all have ideas but no roadmap to implement. When there’s an idea,there is no roadmap. It’s not difficult to find a path but it’s tough to find the right path for your way. 

If you’re a developer, whose work is undervalued or is facing difficulty. We,the team of Metamisfits are here for you.Finding someone with the same passion as you is always a treat. Metamisfits will help you bring value to your work by constantly supporting and guiding you with the coding(smart contracts),utility plans and everything for you to create value in the world of metaverse. This will help you to enhance your skills,update and upgrade your knowledge. Workshops are an opportunity to untangle a problem together by going through a series of exercises designed to get to a specific outcome. Workshops are about getting stuff done, and are often used as milestones to start things or make decisions.It’s worth taking the time at the beginning to set the tone for your workshop and get everyone thinking as a team in sync.The workshop will be followed by Meet and Greet sessions with prominent social influencers,comedy sessions,Star nite and much more.

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